Listen to the Moon by Michael Morpurgo

The cover of my copy told me, “A story you will never forget”. It was a bold thing to say, but it was right. I’ve just finished reading it and now I am scarred. I’m looking into the mirror and seeing a girl whose hair is a mess, make up spread all over her face. This book tore me apart, left me crying and thinking and feeling. Morpurgo really is a master storyteller.

My sister recommended me to read it. It’s her book, the copy I was reading. She pressed it into my hands and told me it was something I had to read. Something everyone had to read. It took me about a hundred pages to get into, I’m not sure why exactly, I think I had other things on my mind. But once I go into it, I was there, I did not want to leave the story. I had to know what happened.

One of the hardest things about the story was knowing that all that happened in the book was true. The story of Morpurgo’s grandmother, which made me even more interested. The characters were layered and engaging, people I always wanted to find out more about. Especially Lucy Lost, the girl, the mystery.

It’s a story of a girl found on a deserted island in the Scilly Isles. As I live in Cornwall the Isles of Scilly is somewhere I often think about, so it was interesting reading about her being found alone there. But she has lost her memory, her identity, everything about her has been washed away from a hugely tragic event. We are taken back to scenes of the past and then back to the present, and for a long time reading I could not stop crying.

Morpurgo told the sadness of the story so calmly, so beautifully, something I really admire. Scattered throughout are wise lines that I went over in my head, trying to soak up their beauty. I loved the kindness of Alfie, and the intrigue of Uncle Billy. I loved it. I loved it.

I can’t help but feel like I need to share these thoughts now, as I have just finished reading it. And I know this is a book I will keep on coming back to. All I want to do now is read more of Michael Morpurgo. If you have one that you recommend me, feel free to leave it in the comments.

But this is one I recommend for you. Listen to the Moon, it’s beautiful and sad and completely Morpurgo. And it will leave you thinking, leave you thinking a lot.


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