Our Favourite Reading Corners

We all have a favourite place to read and write. Whether it’s sitting in bed (Alice Walker), in a cafe (JK Rowling) or on that sofa next to the fire, it’s strange how we all have that one place where our imaginations feel much more comfortable.

Some of us booklovers have a fave reading food. I know I love to have a cup of tea and chocolate digestive with me while I read (as do many of us). But some people prefer a glass of red wine by their side as they pass their way slowly through a bit of Dickens.

I love how we all have our own rituals, our own habits and places, that we go to and enjoy while reading or writing. It makes it that more special, like it’s an event.

But my favourite place to read is by the sea. I guess I’m lucky, my home is Cornwall. The picture of this post is the view from my house. I love walking down onto the benches along the promenade, going to the rocks by the sea, and just writing. It’s where my ideas flow. A place where I can never feel lonely.

I feel like nature is a lovely thing to be surrounded by when reading and writing. It’s uplifting, peaceful. Just hearing the coming water is so peaceful that it makes bookish activities so much more enjoyable.

I guess not everyone has the sea right outside their house. But even if its just reading in the garden, a local park, the countryside, or even just your bedroom, it’s always nicer to read a book in ‘your’ reading corner.

Book love,



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  1. I love curling up in my room on my bed, which coincidentally, is in the corner! I love to read with a good blanket and cup of tea too 🙂

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  2. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    Looking out over the ocean really is lovely

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