The latest craze among book lovers – and I am hooked too!

Book subscription boxes. At the moment they are going crazy. Everyone who loves books is keen to grab a box, and, to be honest, why wouldn’t we want to?

There are so many different boxes out there that are shipped worldwide to your door either monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly throughout the year. I’ve been wanting to subscribe for a box a while now, and finally I found a box that was personally best for me.

The thing before ordering which box to purchase is to have a look on the websites of as many as you can, to check that you are getting the best one for your interests. Some are cheaper than others according to where you live, because of shipping costs. I had to make sure that I purchased a box based in the UK to make it much cheaper. But most, without shipping charges, average around £30.

But what’s included in the box?

Each box has a brand new hardcover book, usually YA, and about 5 extra gifts in the box, all items that lovers of books will be excited about. And it’s all a surprise when it arrives to your door!

On the boxes instagram accounts we are given clues if you can’t bear the waiting and not knowing what is to come! I was excited the moment I found out about this latest craze, as I thought it would be really exciting being given a book by somebody else, as well as all of the bookish goodies!

The main book boxes (or crates as they call them) that I looked at I will supply the link to their websites, so you can check them out and see if you want to subscribe… you may be still able to purchase some boxes for August!

But I will definitely recommend to avoid rushing into buying the first book box subscription you see. I waited and made sure I was getting a deal I thought looked good, which for me was Illumicrate’s August box – finding out that it had two books in this box made me know it was the box to get. But just a day after ordering, I found another box by My Bookish Crate that had a 100% Harry Potter theme for August. I wished I had known about this first, as I would have loved that, and unfortunately I cannot afford to spend £60 on book boxes in one month…

Here are some links for just a few book box subscription services that I personally was interested in purchasing, all info can be found on their pages:

I am sure there are more out there but these are the four I personally looked into. I would really recommend looking into their instagram pages too as they give clues on the boxes so you can see if it is a box that you would enjoy. Fairyloot has different themes each month, and is more fantasy based. Owl crate is based in the US… Do your research, subscribe, and you could find yourself being really surprised and happy one day finding a box of bookish goodies arrive to your door!! Who doesn’t want that?

Book love,



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