The books that I will possibly, probably, never ever read


We all have those books on our shelf that we eye shamefully. The ones we quickly glance at and then look away, guilty of our desire to never actually read them. But please tell me its something we all do, that I am right in saying that? Otherwise I will feel even more guilty. These are some of the books on my shelves that make feel that way, and regret buying them a little in the first place.

They come in different ways – gifts from friends who don’t really know what our taste is, or a sequel given by somebody who you never told how much you disliked the first book. Or even, you bought it yourself years ago, and now it’s just really not something you think you can pick up and read.

I probably should give them all a shot, well, I did with Paper Towns. I tried, multiple times, but for some reason I kept on putting it down, and not getting any further with it.

I hate not finishing books. I hate not even starting them more. But sometimes it happens. It’s a con of being a book nerd I guess.

I read the first of the GONE series by Michael Grant, but didn’t really love the book. It gave me nightmares and really freaked me out at parts, the animals scared me so much, that I could not face reading the following two in the series which my mum gave to me.

Chasing Stars is also a sequel, that to the book After Eden. This book wasn’t even that bad, I bought it because the author taught at my school, so I wanted to read it, but it was very average and a bit like a poorer version of so much YA I have already read. Maybe I would have liked it more if I was a bit younger. But  I bought myself this book despite not loving the first book. Please, I have no idea why. No idea. But I can’t remember much of the first, and knowing I will have to reread it to understand the second, I just don’t think I can be really bothered for it.

The other ones, well, maybe i’m just being a bit unfair. I haven’t tried them, but they are books that just don’t rush out to me, shouting to be read. There are so many books I want to read, and these are the ones I just ignore, thinking “maybe later” but knowing I will probably never have time for them.

This makes me feel so mean. Maybe after writing this I will read them, but from guilt of not having tried, rather than from excitement.

Oh, and Madame Bovary, I forgot about that. I did try that. But the heroine made me think so much of the things I dislike of myself that I couldn’t go further. Maybe I will give that one another go. A lot of people I know love it. Sometimes, I guess, you just need to get through the first bit, to get to the exciting parts of a book.

What do you think? Are there any books here that you love, and think I am being very unfair to?

Book love,

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  1. Great post. I understand ur points

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