Why This Book Needs To Be On Your Summer “To Be Read” – Incredible.

A Review (Non-spoiler)

I’ve just finished reading this book, and wow. I knew I had to rush to write a review. I had so many thoughts. Cassandra Clare has once again written another incredible book, and I think she will always be one of my favourite writers.

I started reading this book in July, but at first it was a slow read. I began not really feeling the Shadowhunter world, perhaps because of my dislike of the new TV Series based upon Cassie’s The Mortal Instruments books. I felt like the series didn’t grasp the unique, wonderful, and absolute lovable nature of the books. The characters were off, the acting a bit embarrassing… it was starting to put me off the world. And I desperately didn’t want that. So I went to read this book.

As I said, at first it took me a while to get into it. Maybe because of the TV series, maybe because it had been a while since I read a YA. But when I reached about halfway through the book, it all changed. I was drowned within the book. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Every second I wasn’t reading it I was annoyed, restless, desperate to get back into the world. To the characters, the story, the mystery.

I felt like I had gone back into my fifteen year old self again, the age I was when I first fell in love with Cassie’s books and writing. It’s now four years later and the characters I loved so dearly from her other series where getting mentions, appearances. I felt like I was being given such a gift, seeing into the Shadowhunter world five years after the events of City of Heavenly Fire. 

If you haven’t read any of Clare’s writing before, I definitely recommend you to read her previous books, The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices, before this one, as this book dived straight into the world, without the set up, explanations, and history of the angels and demon world like the other books have. Also the reappearances of characters wouldn’t have the same affect.

But akin to her previous books, I was shocked by the events, betrayals, unfoldings, and cliffhangers. And then I was shocked again. And then again. That is something I love about her books. You think you know what happened, you think you know the answer to the mystery, you think you know the writer- and then something completely unexpected happens. And then it happens again.

It tore me, the hard decisions. The shocking unravellings. The unwanted revelations. But it tore me in a way that you want a book to tear you. It’s strange I guess.

I wish I could write like Cassandra Clare. She is honestly to me one of my favourite authors. I love the Classics and the books I read for my course at College and University, but they don’t make me feel as shocked, and gripped, and engaged as the Young Adult books do. Is it bad to say that? I wish it wasn’t. I wish they were respected more, maybe it would be good to read Cassandra Clare in a classroom. Like JK Rowling, her books are surprising and they stay with you. As I always say, Will Herondale is my all time favourite book character, and he was a Cassandra Clare character.

If you haven’t read anything of her, I urge you to. Especially if you like fantasy. Even if you are twenty or thirty or fifty something, and feel too old for a fantasy YA, I still recommend you to read her. Her writing is a mixture of both mature and youthful – she has the perfect balance.

I loved this book. I hated it and I loved it, as I do with all of her books. But two thoughts were screaming at me as I paced back and forth after finishing this book.

I need the next one.

And I need it desperately.

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