Making A Poem From Taylor Swift Lyrics

There is something about Taylor Swift’s lyrics that make me always have them in my head, every day. When i’m working, cleaning, or just bored, they are going round in my head, particularly the lyrics of my favourite song, All Too Well. There’s something about the lyrics of the Red era that stay with me the most. Maybe it’s because they are a bit more melancholic, and sad, and beautiful…

Anyway! When I was cleaning I started making a poem from different lyrics from different songs over four of her albums. I thought I’d share it with you!

The Vultures

I close my eyes

The flashbacks start

You take a Polaroid

Of us

It was last December

We were sitting by the water

Laughing at the other girls

Who thought they were everything

But they were just mean

Do you remember?

The sparks flew instantly

Between us

When we first met

When we were young

When we were the lucky ones

But you took it all away

When you went

When I waited for you

But you never came

When I screamed come back

Be here

But you were gone

All I seem to do is remember

I go back to December all the time

To when I was a crumpled piece of paper

Lying there

Like crumpled paper

It was grey and it was black

And I was haunted

By you

Lying there

On the cold hard ground

With vultures circling

And my mother accused me

Of losing my mind

But I swore

I was fine

The flowers

The ones

We had grown together

You remember?

They had died

Of thirst

Like me when I was waiting

When I was crumpled paper

These flashbacks

These memories

They haunt me

They are the vultures

And I am the fox

But they chase me

And I can’t shake them off

I remember it all too well

When you said forever

And always

And when you were

An innocent

Until you lost your balance

On a tightrope

When you kept

Changing the rules

And didn’t come back

When you stained my dress with wine

And was a liar

And pathetic


I can’t shake you off

The vultures

The memories

They are the hunters

And I run.


I hope you like it!

See you next time,




10 Comments Add yours

  1. Vinny Lanni says:

    Wow, cool idea. I never knew T-Swift could be so poetic! lol


  2. aubreyleaman says:

    All Too Well is one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs, too! Cool idea. πŸ™‚


  3. This is so great i just followed you xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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