Literary Stationary!!

Hello! I am sorry I have not posted in SO long! I have been busy doing work experience at a Newspaper, that blog post will be coming sometime soon!

Today though, it is all about stationary! And not just stationary – but – *whispers* literary stationary!

With the new school year already having started for so many people and University starting very soon, I wanted to post some bookish bits that I can’t wait to decorate my desk with!

As a Literature Student at University, I feel like having literary stationary really makes me feel more motivated to pick up that classic, and feel more excited about the classics. Also, having great quotes from great Authors in my room makes me feel more like a Literature Student- so I try to as much as possible! Also, they are absolutely beautiful!

So, here are some bits that I have prepared and ready for when my Semester at Uni begins!


Number One:

A Reading Journal. To me, this is really important as a Literature student. You can keep track of everything you’re reading, with sections for star rating, fave quotes, and dates when you started/finished reading. I got mine from! On the cover it even has a Jane Austen quote – “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!”



Number Two:

A candle! I think candles really bring me back in time, they make me feel like i’m in another age, and when you have a lot of 18th Century reading to do, that is just what you want! I made mine feel more bookish by having a Ravenclaw candle – it is supposed to smell like the Ravenclaw common room… It is gorgeous with glitter and it smells divine. I got this cute candle from They have lots of different bookish candles, with some being tailored to book boyfriends…

Number Three:

A postcard with a Literary Quote. I feel like having a room decked out with Literary quotes really makes it feel more bookish – and I thought this postcard was so cute! It says “we are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars” by Oscar Wilde. You can get this at

Number Four:

Pencils! We all need pencils to make notes in our books, but these were so cute that I really couldn’t resist. On the side of the pencils are the quotes “To be” and the other says “Or not to be”. I thought it would look wonderful getting these out in my Shakespeare classes. Again, I got these from


Number Five:

Notebooks. Notebooks are necessary as a student, and ones with cute literary quotes are even better. From, again, Literary Emporium I got a notebook with a Wordsworth quote that says “fill your paper with the breathings of your heart” – I can’t wait to use this in my Creative Writing classes!

And finally:

Your Hogwarts letter!! Having this up on display is sure to make you feel like a dedicated student!


Thank you for reading! I hope everyone has a really good year at school (if you are at school!) and enjoyed my post.

Book love,

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 14.57.45


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