Finding Friends Within Books

Being a Literature student, I spend a lot of time alone. Most of it is sitting alone, hunched over a book in the library, or curled up on my bed with a cup of camomile tea, again with books.

I’ve never been somebody to have many friends. I would spend a whole summer only talking to my family, reading in-between. But that’s the thing, it was because of books that I could spend this time alone, and feel okay, happy even.

Because my friends were the characters in the book. Or even, the book itself.

There is something so comforting about opening up a book to a whole new world, about coming home from school after a tiring day of not fitting in and wishing you had more friends to a book where you are in the action, and the characters are talking to you. Where they are your friends.

The books I find best as company are definitely Young Adult books. Perhaps because the characters are roughly my age, and because it’s roughly our time, with characters that I feel like I can relate to.

Some of my favourites for company are the Harry Potter books, as there are so many characters in those books who I wish I had as friends. The trio of Ron, Harry, and Hermione felt like such a close bond that I just felt like they were my friends too, and it kept me from feeling lonely.

Of course, books cannot replace real people. We need to make sure we talk to people, and do not completely isolate ourself. If you live alone, then take a walk to the sea, or some gardens, or simply go to the shop, go somewhere where there is people. Some Waterstones stores have a book club, see if yours does, and if not, try to find another or maybe make one up yourself.

But if you are feeling a bit lonely, and want to spend some time at home, then reading is a perfect way to feel like you are with friends, and feel happy as the words on the page make you laugh, or cry, but most of all, care.

Some books I recommend with characters that feel comfy, warm, and like they are your friends are–

~ Harry Potter

~ The Mortal Instruments Series

~ The Infernal Devices Series

~ I Capture the Castle

~ Little Women

~ The Percy Jackson Series

But any book has characters that can whisk you away, any book can give you friends.

And if you like, you could even create your own friends through writing. Creating characters for a story is not only fun, but the more you think about them, the more real they become. Gradually you will begin to know them and their world so well, that they almost become a friend in themselves.

Book love,




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