The Comfort of Bookshops: Secondhand, Independent, Chain…


It’s so tempting to go straight to Amazon when you have a book in mind, to look for the best deal, to get it delivered to your door so that you have more time for actual reading. But yesterday I made the decision to go to the bookstores in my town with no set book to look for, thinking I will forget about my TBR pile and just simply pick up a title that looks interesting. It is something I do so rarely, but every time I do it my mood is just completely lifted.

I love visiting a complete mixture of bookstores, all have their comforts. I love to go into a secondhand bookstore to admire all the orange penguin classics and look at delicate oldies, with the musty smell in the room and barely any people. It always makes me feel like I’m in another time, looking at older books. I love to wonder who might have had the book when it was first published, how many people have called it theirs, whether it has been loved or neglected. You could pick up a book that has been the most favourite possession of someone years and years ago. Or it might have been put aside, never read. Every book holds not only a story within its pages, but I believe it also holds the stories of those who have held it before.. The pages themselves have as much story as the ink and words, I believe.

But I also love to visit chains, because there I can look back at all the Jacqueline Wilson books of my childhood, and flick through them remembering the characters. I absolutely love going to the children’s section, as so many of my childhood books got lost or were borrowed rather than brought, so it is the only place I can really remember them.

Do you like to visit bookstores to, instead of having a purpose of a book you want to buy, just browse the books to admire the covers, the age, the smell, or the memories they awake? Which do you prefer, chain, independent, or secondhand? I’m really not sure if I can decide– I always have to go to all three!

Book love,




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  1. I wish I had bookshops nearby. There is a cool one I go to on vacation sometimes. I really love the smell the books give off as you enter the shops.


    1. Amberley says:

      They definitely have a lovely unique smell! πŸ™‚

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  2. I always tend to buy books on Amazon for the exact reasons that you’ve mentioned but I should definitely visit book stores more often! I wish there were more secondhand stores near me so I could find new books for a cheap price!

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    1. Amberley says:

      That’s a shame there aren’t ones near you, I love going to ones when visiting other towns, they all have so many different cheap gems! πŸ™‚

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